Thursday, February 21, 2013

An APP That Detects Food Allergens In Your Food?!

Yes, my friends...the future is here. This decade is proving to bring more changes to the food-allergy communities than we could have imagined.

First came the expansion of the Americans With Disabilities Act to include people with severe food allergies. Within the same week came the new epinephrine injector.

In 18 months, UCLA hopes to release an app...YES, a smartphone APP that detects traces of specific food allergens in that cookie that has that annoying label, "made on equipment with peanuts, soy and tree-nuts." It actually tells you what percentage of an allergen is in the food and the results are just as accurate as a scientific laboratory.


This could be a very big wake-up call to the food allergy community, since it is not commonly known that a small percentage of allergens are in most products, even if the ingredient is not listed on the label. Its about time we found out the truth. Constantly grasping at straws trying to figure out what is in our food would make anybody crazy, but some allergens and ingredients (especially those that make up GMOs or MSG) are particularly hard to find or decipher.

This technology will begin a new era that will hopefully bring about even more awareness.
With all the budget cuts happening on March 1, 2013, there is something we must do; this will literally take no more than 10-15 mins of your time and could affect us forever. It is important that we not only make a phone call for our district, but also call the district for UCLA Medical Center where this app is being developed (zipcode 90095).

Thank you to GratefulFoodie for the info and easy instructions! When I tried to find out my congressional district leader, several came up. If that is the case for you, try this link to get the specific contact info. The AAFA also gives some ideas of what else you can say, but sometimes its better to stay short and to the point.

You are going to make TWO phone calls. You have until March 1st to do this, but PLEASE do it! If you're a procrastinator, DO IT NOW!

One for your district within your zipcode and one for the zipcode 90095 (where UCLA Medical Center resides). I want this app and more research to happen...with your help, it might.


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