Saturday, October 5, 2013

QUICKIE Pesto Brown Rice Spaghetti

Sometimes, you need something quick and comforting to get your taste buds excited--which in turn ups your immune system because you're happy and helps you heal, right?

Tonight I decided to make an easy peasy Pesto Brown Rice Spaghetti using ONLY gluten-free soy-free and grass-fed items.

Quickie Pesto Brown Rice Spaghetti

1 Package of  Brown Rice Spaghetti Pasta

1 TBS Granulated garlic (or 5 cloves minced garlic sautéed in the butter)

1 TBS USDA Organic basil

3 TBS USDA Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (why USDA Organic? Here's why.)

1 TBS celtic sea salt

2 bay leaves

1/2 tsp ground black pepper

2-3 TBS Grass-Fed USDA Organic Salted Butter (why grass-fed? Here's why.)


First, fill a medium pot halfway with water and heat medium-high to bring to boil. (IMPORTANT: DO NOT ADD PASTA YET! If you add brown rice pasta before its rapidly boiling, it will clump and turn into clay!) Add olive oil, two bay leaves and celtic sea salt. Taste the water from your spoon to see if the salt is enough; it should taste like saltwater.  

Once the water has been rapidly boiling about a minute, add half the package of pasta by taking a bunch in your hands and breaking in half to make the spaghetti shorter and easier to eat.

Lower the heat to about medium-high, and continue to let it boil for 10-12 minutes stirring often to make sure pasta is separated. The water will get cloudy white; this is normal for rice pasta. Once the pasta looks like its completely lost its stiffness, use a fork to grab onto one noodle and run it under cold water, then try it to see if it is cooked enough for you. Some people like it 'al dente' which is a bit on the firmer side, but I like it to be a bit more cooked than 'al dente'.

Once the texture is your version of perfect, drain water promptly, while continuing to fluff the spaghetti with a fork to keep pasta from clumping or sticking together. Remove bay leaves.

Add butter, garlic, basil and black pepper and toss with two forks. If you don't have a problem with non grass-fed parmesan cheese you can add two tbs of that as well (since grass-fed cheese is almost impossible to find) but I love it just plain!


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