Sunday, January 31, 2010

Soy Derivatives

Hidden in foods and drinks

OLIVE OIL from other countries (see my olive oil blog post)

Eggs (if you are sensitive to soybean oil, you will likely react to non grass-fed chicken eggs)

chicken (most on the market are soy-fed. Choose organic and call company if you're sensitive to soybean oil)

beef (buy grass-fed only. same rule applies. If you are sensitive to soybean oil or natural flavors you will likely react to soy-fed beef)

FISH (choose wild-caught ONLY. Farm-raised fish are almost always fed soy)

gum Arabic

tocopherol acetate (vitamin E)

bulking agent



guar gum (usually contains about 10% soy protein and is also a close cousin of soybeans)

hydrolized vegetable protein (HVP)

lecithin/soy lecithin

magnesium stearate (used in many medicines..must call company)

USDA Organic Milk (cows are usually fed soy, grains, peas, etc.--go for grass-fed if you're sensitive to soybean oil you will likely be sensitive to milk that's fed with soy)

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

natural flavors

xanthan gum (some is grown on soy)


protein extender

soy flour

soy nuts

soy panthenol

soy protein

soy protein isolate or concentrate

soy sauce


soybean oil



stearic acid (used as binder in vitamins and in many lotions, creams, cosmetics)

textured vegetable protein (TVP)


vegetable broth

vegetable gum

vegetable starch

Hidden soy derivatives in lotions, creams, bath products, household products, lawn and auto etc....
Vitamin E (may likely be derived from soy. Call manufacturer to be sure)

PEG-10 soya sterol

glycerin (usually made from soybean oil. call manufacturer to find out)


Soy sterol

Soy protein

Soy protein concentrate

Soybean protein

Soy acid

Soy acid;

Acids, soy;

Fatty acids, soya

PEG-16 soy sterol

PEG-75 soy glycerides

Stearic Acid

Soybean sterol

Soy glyceride, hydrogenated

Soybean oil, maleated

PEG-5 soy sterol

Alkyd resin solution

Soya oil, phthalic anhydride, pentaerythritol polymer;

Soybean oil, polymer with pentaerythritol and phthalic anhydride;

1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic anhydride, pentaerythritol, soybean oil


Pentaerythritol, phthalic anhydride, soybean oil polymer

Soy protein, hydrolyzed

Hydrolyzed soy protein;

Soy protein, hydrolyzed;

Protein hydrolyzates, soya

Quaternary ammonium salts

Quaternary ammonium compounds, ethyldimethylsoya alkyl, Et

Soyethyldimonium ethosulfate;

Dimethylethylsoyaammonium ethosulfate

Vegetable Oil




Soybean lecithin

Soybean oil blend

Soybean oil

Extract of soy

Oils, soybean;

Soy germ extract;

Soya oil;

Soybean Oil [USAN]

Alkyd resin

Linseed oil, polymer with pentaerythritol, phthalic anhydride,

oil, styrene and vinyltoluene

Soybean meal

Soyaethyl morpholinium ethosulfate

Morpholinium compounds

N-ethyl-N-soya alkyl

ethyl sulfates

N-Soya-N-ethyl morpholinium ethosulfate

Soyatrimonium chloride

N-(Soya alkyl)-N,N,N-trimethyl ammonium chloride

Quaternary ammonium compounds


alkyl chlorides


Soya trimethyl ammonium chloride



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  2. Thank you so much for this list. We're just figuring out that my daughter has a soy allergy and it is overwhelming trying to figure out all the different forms of soy that are hidden in food, cosmetics, cleaners, etc. I am printing this post and putting it in my purse so that I will have this list to refer to as I'm reading labels.

  3. Leslie,

    Yes, soy and corn are probably the hardest allergies to deal with in my opinion, but it has to be done. On the plus side, it makes you so much more aware of what you are eating and how it is processed or shows up at your market...which ultimately, keeps us a lot healthier than most of the population.

    You are definitely not alone and I'm sorry your daughter has to deal with this. Its beautiful she has such a diligent and careful parent to protect her and I give you accolades for being so careful...she will never forget that. Thank you for stopping by...

  4. Sonya,

    You're very welcome. Sorry I saw this so late! Sometimes the Blogger gremlins hide them from me! =) Thanks for stopping by and so glad it helped you...