Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My New Favorite Snack!!

Sunday afternoon, my dad and I volunteered for the FAAN Food-Allergy Walk at Eisenhower Park. We worked at registration and met so many babies and children with peanut-allergies and tree-nut allergies. The weather was beautiful and I wore a blue ribbon, signifying my own food-allergies just like all the children I saw wearing the blue ribbon; supporters wore green ribbons.

I saw some familiar vendors there, including Cherrybrook Kitchen and one of my favorite companies, Enjoy Life. I soon came across a new company Happy Family Organic Superfoods and was skeptical, since many companies catering to allergies still use soy. I spoke to the lovely representative, who offered me a sample of the Django Mango & Strawberry Freeze Dried Yogurt Bites. Now I don't know how many of you will relate to this, but when I was little, I used to LOVE going to the planetarium, partially because it was my chance to buy 'space ice cream' or freeze-dried ice cream that came in small and ridiculously expensive packages. I remember spending $30 just to buy four or five little bags that basically were finished within five minutes. Yet, I would save my allowance money just to invest in a little mini-space odyssey to pure freeze-dried ice cream heaven.

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Don't pretend you don't wanna try them!

Flash forward to Sunday: The representative assured me that it contained no soy and no nuts. SCORE! I smiled and asked about their other products which she assured me do not contain soy either. She did mention that some products contain coconut, which is fine by me since coconut does not usually affect tree-nut allergies, since it actually is not a nut, but a seed.

I reread the ingredients when I got home and not only found that it is safe for me to eat, but I found it also contains several live and active cultures!! (FYI: Active cultures are very good for restoring the health of your intestinal flora, thereby improving your immune system. Long-term use of antibiotics and antibiotics from meats can cause antibiotic resistance and a host of other illnesses). The product also has the green USDA Certified Organic label, meaning it really is organic!

I went to try these little odd-looking white discs. WOW! I was brought back to my childhood obsession! These taste alot like space ice cream, without the guilt since they're so much more healthy! These will also replace my meringue cravings....

As of now, many of their other products do not contain soy and all do not contain nuts, but always be sure to check ingredients as companies can change things.


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