Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Using Your Passions For Healing Yourself

I guess it would be helpful to stop writing notes into my phone at 3AM and actually get them on this blog, right?

This topic came to me two months ago while sweating it out on the elliptical. In fact, the gym is where many of my ideas flow.

Many of you might wonder what the heck this topic has to do with allergies. Medically speaking, allergies and eczema is most definitely tied to stress levels. Studies prove that regular meditation helps to improve mental health for many different health conditions. Science even proves that mindfulness meditation helps improve immune system function.

I deeply believe that many physical conditions can manifest or worsen as a result of blocked or stagnant negative emotions...which cause stress.

 This is simply my own personal opinion and you can take it or leave it. I also believe that the Law of Attraction which I touched upon in an earlier post plays a major role in getting better or getting worse. As you can see in this study, older people who had a longer will to live had much lower death rates and sickness!

So with all of that taken into consideration, could healing certain psychological patterns and eliminating negative emotions actually strengthen and heal our immune systems, too?

For many, music symbolizes so many of our inner personal thoughts; our subconscious and unconscious emotions. If you think about music you listened to five years ago or music you listened to ten years ago, some of the songs have changed yet many remain the same. The same concept can go for movies (if you're more visually oriented) or books (if you are more storyline-oriented or a writer, yourself). Those old classics stored in your mind that stood the test of time signal personal beliefs and values on some level and speak to the core of your current psychological, emotional or spiritual state of being. Music/movies/books give us hints into who we truly are at any given time. Don't get this misconstrued; it doesn't tell us who our core self is, but rather what our energy gravitates to as well as the types of people and situations we might be attracting at the moment.

Whether you are skeptical or not, try the following exercise. Make a list of all the music/movies/books you love and all the music/movies/books you hate. This simple exercise gives us clues into who we are.

For example, I've heard people say, "I hate country music." What is it about country music that you hate? Is it the singer's southern twang? Then that would be cultural bias and prejudice. Then you move on to the reasons why. Maybe you have beliefs that the specific culture is not properly educated. Or maybe you were raised to believe people in the south don't have manners or are not socially accepted (FYI: I was born in the south, so obviously these are not my own beliefs...simply examples!)

 When we form belief systems about others or are programmed by others to think a certain way about a group of people, we cannot see with clarity who they really are. And by not seeing others clearly by being aware of those biases we had or might have, we cannot see ourselves clearly, either! And vice versa!

So going back to the list, pay attention to the dynamics within each song. Is the song about heartbreak and abandonment from a loss of a love the singer thought was a soulmate? Many titles of American top 40 songs wreak with codependency, sex addiction or skewed views of the roles women play. Why? Simply because most listeners haven't healed these aspects within themselves and are addicted to the fantasy, passion of a summer fling or even the drama of someone they lost...over and over again. What makes it worse is that society condones many of these self-destructive behaviors, which in turn, causes impressionable young people to try to replicate these roles in their lives.

Addiction takes many different forms. Most of us associate addiction with substance abuse such as drugs or alcohol. But the truth is, addiction strikes many who don't touch drugs or alcohol. Some people have an addiction to love, sex addiction, gambling addiction, shopping addiction, addiction to money (workaholism), addiction to pleasing or helping others, addictions to power, addiction to stuff and many other addictions which are probably running through your mind right now.

These addictions become a source of solace and comfort, however, they all come with a price. The price of finding love within oneself. Once one recognizes this lack of love, healing may begin and the blocks can fall away.

The second trick to changing your life is to focus on all the things you are grateful for.

 We are all blessed with something no matter how dire our situation may seem. Maybe you have a roof over your head. Or if that roof caved in, maybe you have food that you can eat. Maybe it's something as simple as having one person around you who loves you. Wait, you have a lot more? Then list them. Focus on five blessings you can think of that occurred earlier that day or things/people/places that you are grateful for. What about the talents or abilities within yourself? Have you learned some type of lesson from a challenging situation?

Once again, if this concept makes you angry, you have to ask yourself, "why." I used to think I'd always have food allergies. They're never going to go away...they just seem to get worse.

The truth is that deep within, I was strengthening that belief with my emotions from my past. The traumas of dealing with food allergies since birth were keeping me from healing.

For many adults who grew up with food allergies, this can include but is not limited to feelings of isolation, guilt, shame, codependency with caretakers or even fears of not being able to take care of oneself. Other feelings can include fears of abandonment/being alone, fears of food or of gaining weight, fears of social interactions and many others which should be explored either within therapy or through creative outlets. All too often, though, these feelings are simply pushed to the side with an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude. For those who know about subtle energies or the chakra system (which may be further studied within the book linked below), this is actually the worst thing one can do. It is only through being aware of one's own mistakes, negative patterns or belief systems that one can begin to heal.

Now, I'm seeing things through new eyes. Just a few months ago, I couldn't have soy-free Coconut Aminos, tomato sauce or nightshade vegetables. Many of you also know the scope of my environmental allergies in the past. However, by doing all of this emotional healing work, my immune system is now much stronger and what is currently a high pollen year for many is completely bearable. My health has been the most amazing its been in years. Sure, I still have to avoid most of the same foods and carry my Epi-pens, however, I now understand what I have to do in order to stay healthy. I used to take several medications just to be able to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Now, I take just Allegra for the entire day and I'm ok. Some days I don't take it at all. I take epsom salt baths almost every night, especially after being around a lot of people.

Not for physical reasons, but I came to realize I am very sensitive to people's energy. I also have integrated sound healing into my daily routine, which I will talk about in a future post. There are many things in this world that most of us in this world cannot even begin to comprehend. Sometimes, as many of us know all you can do is trust and have faith. We all know that miracles can and do happen. In the end, the proof is determined from your own experience by what you put out into the world. Expect differently and you just might get it.

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  1. That's very encouraging. Thanks for sharing this.Sometimes we will be depressed by many problems. However, this post teaches me how to deal with it.