Monday, October 12, 2015

6 Life-Changing Energy Techniques For the Immune System

Chakras really exist. At least, according to Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese Medicine. Leave it to those smarty-pants Asians to know something we don't. In China, energy is known as chi or qi. In Japan it is known as ki. In Hindu, it is called prana which in yoga, it is the breath or life force. In all of these ancient healing modalities, it is best described as vital life force energy. Without this energy, a person cannot survive. 

Deep REM sleep restores vital life force energy.
It is through sleep and nourishment that we acquire more of this energy. This is also why being around negative people drains you. The energy of people we are intimately or emotionally connected to affect this energy. The energy of locations, objects (such as certain crystals) and even electro-magnetic fields also affect this energy. Many people do not know that energy plays a key role in our health and how we manage stress levels on an energetic level. Our energetic body, also known as the chakra system is something intensively studied in Ayurvedic medicine and has close ties to Chinese Medicine and the study of meridians.
Many of us within the food allergy community know about the scientific research and peanut allergy treatments of Dr. Li using Chinese Medicine. Maybe like me, you even bought the fascinating book about her work by Henry Ehrlich, "Food Allergies: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Science and the Search For a Cure". People travel to her from all over the United States because of her effective treatment for peanut allergy and several other food allergies. However, since her treatments are not covered by insurance, the high expense for travel and monthly visits for the treatments could deter people from seeking her help. My point is, if Chinese Medicine holds the key to treatment and these herbs or mushrooms actually help to unblock chakras on levels many don't understand, why argue?

Why is it important to set energetic boundaries? 


If you already know you're an empath and live with family, there is a good chance you feel their emotional blocks such as fear, anger, resentment and/or guilt. If you don't know what an empath is, proceed to this post to learn more from the video. These deep emotions hidden under layers of denial, guilt and sometimes even addiction are a heavy burden for anyone with an autoimmune condition to bear.

Empaths notoriously take on the emotions of others. Alone time is crucial.
An empath might feel things emotionally and might even experience hives or eczema when spending too much time at home. Empaths also have a tendency of 'numbing out' through distraction, whether that's through social media, Netflix or anything that will distract the empath from the emotion that they cannot or are afraid to currently express.

 If you've already checked for cross-contamination within your foods and checked whether your heating or air conditioning filters were recently changed yet still cannot find the culprit, here are a few things which help me.

1. Get Off Social Media and Turn Off Your Phone

If you are an empath or your child is, you are inadvertently going to take on the energy of people through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or whatever else you're on.

Stop reading all the comments below articles and YouTube videos! I used to think it was my imagination, but after careful observation, I realized I react to energy, not just foods and environment. I'll know because I'll feel a slight reaction coming on and raised goosebumps appear on my arms...the same ones prior to hives or eczema reactions. I realized reading posts is basically like allowing that person to vent to you face to face. Multiply this by the amount of people who posted within the specific time frame you're reading and you get a perspective of how many people are either draining or lifting your energy. It usually will have nothing to do with the post. What is actually happening is that your emotional response to their words causes a 'connection' to their energy field.

  • anxiety
  • panic or fear that you're not good enough
  • sadness that nothing goes right in your life
  • sudden depression or mood change
  • cold breeze or cold spots on arms or legs
  • nausea
  • sudden insecurity or jealousy, even though you know you're not feeling that towards them
  • anger and impatience* (this one is common because you're trying to distract yourself by keeping 'busy' when ultimately, you are simply distracting yourself from others' overwhelming emotions)
For those that are very sensitive to energy, you might feel the following and think it's you. It's not. Get off of Facebook.

 I guarantee if you completely avoid social media for a few days, you will notice a world of difference in your anxiety levels, moods and maybe even happiness. It takes a lot of shadow work and study to remain unaffected and not take on the emotions of others. But the truth is that by sympathizing with or for others, you lower your own vibration because you tune into their powerlessness. This will only bring you down. It turns out by sympathizing, you are not offering compassion, even if pity might be what they're searching for at the moment. Remaining emotionally neutral, yet offering compassion in the form of listening or understanding (yet setting time or energy boundaries) takes work, but will save your sanity and keep your vibration up. If you want to lift your vibration even higher, sign off the computer, grab your favorite warm drink and sit down to write out a list of as many things as you can think of that you are grateful for. Since gratitude is the highest vibration, it raises your vibration and ultimately your immune system, too.

 If you have to use social media for business or to keep people updated with your work, start using services like Hootsuite or Crowdfire to schedule your tweets in advance so that you can get back into your own energy for awhile.

2.  Practice Channel Scrubbing During Your Shower

You're probably thinking, channel scrubbing? What the *heck* is that?

Let me begin by explaining water. Taking a shower cleanses the body's energy field as well as any environmental allergens which could be in your hair or on clothing. If vibrational frequency is the tool, then water is the concentrated form of the canvas. Anything that contains molecules is the canvas. And we are the artists of our destinies. So basically, by taking a simple shower, you are washing your energy field with a 'blank slate' for the day or few hours or whatever amount of time it may be until you cleanse your energy again. The molecules in the water penetrate the pores of the largest organ on your body...your skin.

A while ago, I posted the results of my IgE bloodwork which showed that my peanut allergy, soy allergy and several other IgE numbers decreased. My almond allergy disappeared along with my cashew allergy.

I racked my brain trying to figure out how. I assumed it was because of my strict adherence to an allergen-free, gluten-free diet. However...

...I remember, I was also obsessed with body scrubs. Maybe it was the fact that I was working in New York City at the time. Every time I came home, all I could think about was how badly I wanted to scrub all of the icky crowd, pollution and energy molecules off of me. Or who knows, maybe it was the 'interesting' ticklish nerve sensation when I scrubbed my lower back, buttocks and upper thighs (which actually is the root chakra and sacral chakra region of the back side of the body). For me, it was an ecstatic release, like when you're at the top of a roller coaster and get that butterfly feeling or when you're going over an unexpected rolling hill on a long road trip (This is the same feeling you also get while listening to the solfeggio frequencies, which I outline in the next technique).

What I did not know then was that I was probably releasing blockages in the meridians, because channel scrubbing actually stimulates and unblocks meridians just like acupuncture!

I experimented with my own basic body scrub recipes and came up with this:

Coarse Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe

1/2 cup USDA Organic Olive Oil

1/4 USDA Organic Coconut Oil or any other USDA Organic Oil you can use

1/2 cup USDA Organic Dark Brown Sugar

1/4 cup finely ground sea salt

1/4 cup Course Sea Salt

4 Tbs USDA Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract or regular vanilla extract

Directions: In large mixing bowl, mix everything together. Scoop into a large, shatter-proof container for your shower. Warning: I highly recommend adding a slip-proof shower mat since the oils make the tub very slippery but make your skin so soft. 

If you have open cuts at the moment and cannot use a scrub, opt for the Gua Sha buffalo horn massage stones instead so that you don't rip open more skin. Also, be careful with any lotions, deodorants or creams you use after scrubbing. Scrubbing creates tiny cuts in the skin, so anything you put on after will go straight into the bloodstream. This is actually rumored to be the reason why women develop breast tumors; the parabens from deodorants enter cuts after shaving armpits and go straight to the closest fatty tissue, the breast.

3. Listen to the Solfeggio Frequencies

What are the solfeggio frequencies?

High frequency sound heals.
These sound frequencies are simply the same tones you hear in the solfeggio scale in the musical, The Sound of Music. Who knew that sound healing could be so powerful? I realized months ago, that listening to these frequencies with headphones helps calm my reactions and even prevents them from happening. I recently had the honor of meeting two separate people who got rid of cancer. How? Organic juicing and these solfeggio frequencies.

The reason these healings are taking place is most likely due to the pulse or higher frequency vibration generated by the sound. Numerous medical treatments use hz. Low level laser therapy ranges from 2.5hz to 5,000hz but for this particular study I found with LLLT to treat wounds, they used 700hz, although there are also references to numerous other studies involving other various frequencies.

Ultrasound uses frequency, too. Just a few months ago, researchers discovered that ultrasound set at 1mz removes Alzheimer's plaques. In the article, they conclude that plaque disappears because blood flow improves, which goes along with the Chinese medicinal theory of chi that I spoke about in the first paragraph! High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) has been proven to eliminate tumors and treat certain cancers. 

I find it interesting that Western science still doesn't tie together these treatments and acknowledge the chakra system. Maybe one day ten years from now, they will.

If you want to try the solfeggio frequencies for yourself, the video I most recommend is below. Use headphones and keep the sound at a comfortable level that you can feel resonating in your head or body (mid-level). There is nothing here but sound. Don't let the symbols and numbers scare you. I will explain them in a later post, because that's a whole other connected topic in itself. I noticed the greatest body sensations at the first two tone changes, especially when 174hz turned into 285hz. It turns out that 285hz is the tone that heals skin and wounds! One of the side effects of listening to solfeggio is feeling like you are underwater when you take the headphones off at the end. Since the tones are raising your vibration, you might feel some strange (but pleasing) sensations. You might feel emotions that need to be released, so keep tissues nearby. You will also feel like you are underwater at the end when you take off the headphones. Do not be alarmed; this goes away after a couple of minutes. If you cannot make it through the entire thing in the first sitting, at least try to make it to the end of 528hz which helps to heal and balance the heart chakra. Do not skip straight to this. It is important to start at the lower ones first to help balance lower chakras.

 Hum along to each note for full effect.  

4. Go Somewhere

I'm not talking about a bar. No substances allowed. You need to love you.
Make the most of autumn. Breathe that crisp air. Practice mindfulness. Discover yourself again.

Your frazzled self is probably taking on emotions and snapping at everyone, so do them (and yourself) a favor and leave for a few hours. Of course, bring all your allergy medications, a snack or two and lots of water. I bring a gallon of distilled water with me wherever I go (distillation removes heavy metals in water). Go somewhere that you can relax, let your mind wander and let go. If you have classical or meditation music around, even better. No radio. Most music on the radio will simply bring your vibration back to the same frequencies you left on social media. I highly recommend music by Kevin Kern, classical music or Christian music (if that goes with your belief systems).

It is a good idea to first raise your vibration using the techniques above so that you are in a higher energetic state and will naturally gravitate towards the place with higher energy people and vice versa.

Here are some examples:

  • gym
  • nature preserve
  • beach
  • Barnes and Nobles 
  • library
  • Whole Foods
  • local coffee shop

Once you get to one of these places, write out your emotions when you get the chance to. Later, you can throw it away or burn it. If you believe in God/Yahweh/Higher Power/Whatever You Believe In, pray. Go into whatever emotion you're feeling and cry it out for as long as it takes. Nobody needs to hear you and there is no one judging you (unless it's yourself!). Let go of whatever you've been holding in.

Writing to your childhood self is one of the most healing things you can do.

5. Write to Your Four-Year-Old Self

Then after a good cry, continue the process by writing it out. Go into whatever emotions you're feeling and have compassion for yourself as if you're listening to a close friend.  Then without judging yourself, give yourself advice. Another helpful trick is to write to the two-year-old you as if you are consoling him or her. Go grab a photo album, pull out a picture and sit with him or her. You wouldn't mentally abuse, berate or emotionally slam an innocent child, would you?

Look into the eyes of the child you once knew. She's still there.

Listen to her tears. Be honest with her. Tell her that you love her. Tell her she is beautiful. Tell her that she can do anything she ever wanted to. Tell her you believe her. Tell her you are sorry. Tell her it was never her fault. Tell her that the only opinion that will ever matter about herself is her own.

You might find emotions pouring out that you didn't know were there. You might get angry and that's ok. The point is that from now on, you are no longer shutting out your emotions. You are becoming aware of them so that you can let go of the ones that do not serve you and transmute them to a more positive emotion which in turn helps keep your energy body vibrating at a higher frequency. This isn't going to heal you overnight, but it will help you to let go of the emotions you are taking on from those close to you. It will help you gain some clarity outside of the chaotic heart and minds of those you love.

I like to write notes into a Notes app on my phone. Many times, ideas or topics pop into my head seemingly out of nowhere. This might happen to you, too. The thought begins as a sentence and then once I start typing I cannot stop. This is not some strange manifestation only known to a select few; it is the inspiration all of the famous artists, philosophers, writers and creatives throughout history...and it is available to everyone. People think that you have to see beauty on the outside. People look for a muse to fall in love with. That you have to 'chase unicorns' and travel to exotic and distant locales to experience this inspiration. This is simply not the case. Beauty is experienced through truth, joy and love. Inspiration hits when we feel truth.

The more honest you are with yourself, the closer you get to miracles.
You can feel truth every single day if you're brave enough to. Which brings us to my last recommendation to strengthen your energetic boundaries.

6. Learn About Addiction and Codependency


I've noticed that people who grow up with severe food allergies have very different core belief systems than most due to the trauma, over-protectiveness and other serious emotions like guilt that take place within the family dynamic. Many are even born into a lineage of chaotic family situations.

I have a theory that overwhelming, chronic emotions and chakra imbalances transmit through our DNA. I read a study recently that found that descendants of holocaust survivors have altered stress hormones! To me, this is huge.

It proves my theory right. If allergies and autoimmune conditions are caused by chakra imbalances, could this be why some are born with food allergies or autoimmune conditions and others aren't? 

It's definitely something to consider. There are many various books about codependency and the many emotions we stifle with chronic disease. Many parents of children with food allergies also struggle with codependency due to guilt and self-blame.

Codependency and addictions go hand in hand for many people. Addictions do not have to be in the form of substances. As I outlined in this post, they can take many other various forms, including shopping addiction, gambling addiction, codependency addiction, food addiction, love addiction, sex addiction, compulsive hoarding and many others. One can even be addicted to distractions, in order to avoid something that would bring him or her success. It is my own personal opinion that the majority of the population is addicted to something.

There are also Twelve-Step anonymous programs which deal with almost anything one can be addicted to. I believe that at the root of all addictions is the concept of codependency. 

Help for any addiction begins with awareness.  

We cannot keep blaming others for our problems. We also are not meant to hate ourselves. Self-love and gratitude for what we do have are the most empowering and healing forces in the entire Universe. Self-love and gratitude bring courage and compassion where powerlessness ceases to exist. This increased vibration has a ripple effect just like a stone thrown into a pond. It is by healing ourselves that we ultimately heal the world. 


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