Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Allergies, Hormones and Miracles

It happened to me. It took about seven years of allergy shots, but for several years, from the age of fourteen until about age twenty, I was able to eat soy sauce and my favorite cuisine at that time, sesame chicken and shrimp fried rice. But there was a slight catch. Slightly different reactions that I didn't understand, happened.

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Allergic reactions can be exhausting, mentally, physically and psychologically. 

Exhaustion. I'd eat my favorite pizza (which is usually made with vegetable oil, the other name for soybean oil...or olive oil that is fake) then get super sleepy. 

What I didn't realize back then was that the seemingly insignificant allergen which was caused by a seemingly minor allergy to soy (maybe it was like a .84 IgE or something like that) still caused hormonal fluctuations that resulted in tremendous fatigue, depression and too much estrogen. Too much estrogen (also known as estrogen dominance) can lead to various gynecological issues such as polycystic ovarian syndrome or endometriosis.

I never had the surgery to find out if I had endometriosis, but based on the debilitating pain and my family history, it was very probable and my doctor said the only way to manage it was through hormone therapy.

Birth control pills for hormone balance: is there another way?

For a couple of years in my early 20s, doctors put me on several kinds of birth control pills to stabilize or balance my hormone levels to alleviate the endometriosis pain.

But you see, hindsight is 20/20. The hormonal issues were actually due to food ingredients (such as soy or GMO soy derivatives and others) that I was allergic to
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Choices and knowledge bring freedom and health.
Back then, I didn't know any better and took the pills despite the scary warnings in the pamphlets typed for the eyes of an elf. Some brands made me crazy and the people I dated dealt with the wrath of extremes, from crying to angry responses to paranoia. Those whom are sensitive to hormonal changes like I am experience severe mood changes very similar to severe PMS or PMDD. Luckily, I happened to find a female reproductive system balancing formula in a dropper bottle (tincture form) that worked (The company is no longer around but there is one almost exactly the same by a company known as Woodstock).

Note: I am in no way a health professional and anything I talk about or say is not intended to treat or diagnose any kind of illness or disease. The purpose of these posts is to tell my story. Any supplements you take, diet changes or health actions you take after reading this are completely 100% your responsibility. Please consult your doctor or a healthcare professional for sound health advice or prior to embarking on any of your own treatments.

Literally within a month, the debilitating pain from Aunt Flo's visits disappeared and I welcomed back sanity.

Experience and observation have taught me a lot

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You can freeze homemade smoothies for that sorbet fix

I've noticed over the years, there was a direct connection to what I ate and the fibroids that my gynecologist would find in the sonograms. About four years ago, I was told by my gyno I had two fibroids they had to monitor. What's interesting is that prior to that (for like a month and a half) I had been indulging in a specific sorbet that I thought was non-GMO...until I noticed the faded, barely visible printed text on the lid of the completely empty container, "This product was made using genetically engineered ingredients." 

Thank you. Thank you very much. 

Upon cutting that food out completely and taking a few drops of the female balance formula daily for a month, I made another sono appointment. The fibroids were gone.

Coincidence? I think not.

The Weston Price Foundation has tons of info as well as studies about the effects of eating GMO soy.

So how do you go about changing your diet to balance your hormone levels? 

Sure, eating completely soy-free is a huge lifestyle change that involves a bit more reading, but thanks to The Non-GMO Project symbol on food labels, we can have a little rush of excitement every time we see it! Its the little things.

Every day we have choices of what to eat. I, of all people know the pain of wanting so badly to indulge in something that isn't good for you. But I also know what happens if I do.

Allow your body to heal. Give it time to get your immune system up so that you might be able to eat things later that you can't now. And as you can see from my last post, miracles do happen.

Keep believing. There is power in hope and one day, we will all want to hear your story. 

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