Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Without The Labels

I'm going to share a journal entry with all of you. An entry from April that very much relates to the topic at hand...

Journal entry - 4/12/2018

The missing puzzle piece.

These past two weeks brought me back to the very place I was trying to escape. 

I had already been there. The place where you so desperately want a diagnosis. That place where you don't realize that if you place all your eggs in that basket, you've also put yourself into a box.

A box is like a padded room. Will I see anything past its walls? See beyond the label given by a medical professional?

There are no windows, unless I listen carefully to the silence and maybe hear the birds chirping outside and realize, "hey, wait a minute....there is much more to life than this."

teen blonde woman looking in mirror while wearing a mask
Those who judge others are the ones who most judge themselves. Be compassionate. Be loving. Be what you want to see.

A diagnosis is a label. Like on a product. But we are people. Labels bring an understanding of possible limitations. It is a description of a challenge to overcome. It is the same as someone with lots of years of schooling saying from observing someone limping in front of him or her, he or she cannot cross the road. He or she cannot do this or that. It is a professional opinion that changes depending upon one's current symptoms.

Are limitations actually proven? Or are perceived limitations subject to yet another perfect, tidy box? A construct created by a scientist, medical team or writer with credentials? 

If so, is there a way to fix or rehabilitate them to a state of wholeness? Because I'm under the impression that the human body and the mind has a much greater capacity to heal than many truly understand.

hands with world maps on them reaching towards sky
Without the labels, we are all connected through love and truth.

So the question becomes, what if the label were to disappear? Who would you be without that label?  Who would you be without that thought?

Yeah right, Maya. What are you suggesting?

single dandelion growing from the cracks of volcanic-looking rock
Expect miracles and you will encounter them.

I'm suggesting the possibility of miracles and the magic within a glimmer of hope.

Can you dare to let it shine?

Because the very things my family and doctors thought weren't possible or likely have happened.

A few years ago, I wrote a post detailing how my blood IgE allergy test numbers got significantly lower over the years. When I was a baby, the peanut allergy alone was close to 200. Recently, I got blood tested again and I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised (which I'll detail in an upcoming post). Two of the foods I couldn't eat years ago are back on the menu and a couple others were taken off. Food allergies are so strange...

Now I see it is truly possible that in the next five to ten years, they might disappear.

When you avoid an allergen, you give your body a chance to build autoimmunity to it. When you build autoimmunity through allergy shots, you automatically build autoimmunity to cross-reactive allergenic foods. This might not be the case for everybody because everyone's immune system handles things differently, but for many, that is what happens (MDs, feel free to weigh in below..I would love a professional take on this).

So for example (based on my past experience), the allergy shot with birch allergen will help me build up my immunity to soy and any cross-allergenic foods that I'm unable to eat (due to an increased histamine response to birch pollen) such as apples and celery...two common oral allergy syndrome culprits that I now have to avoid.

white birch trees in a forest of yellow and green
Dear birch tree, one day soon I will hug you.

This is the song that plays in my head while looking at those birch trees above. It will now play in yours, too. Or at least give you a chuckle.

How am I so sure health miracles happen? Because as you can see from this post as well as this one on hormones and allergies, they do. 

At this time, I don't yet know the whole story with what happened in the last few months. For all I know, its all related to allergies and some genetics that I don't fully yet understand. But what I do know is that I have to continue facing forward and continue to believe in the miracles.

So for now, I will write. I will film. I will get my allergy shots and visit the doctors and hear them all tell me I'm okay. I will sing. And I will live and do whatever I can to be happy in every moment I have. Until the next time, I hope you do, too.

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